Are you ready to take the next step in your pharmacy career?


If you’ve been working in a community setting for a while, your value as a pharmacist may feel all tied up in sticky labels and KPIs. You aren't alone in wondering "what else is there?" Deep down you know you have more to give, and much more to gain from your career.  

Is it fair to say that you know what you don’t want for the rest of your career? *imagines piles of script baskets, cold coffee ...ewww, and a pay rate so static it's gathering dust on the glass shelves*

But what do you want? And more importantly, how long will you wait to figure it out and start taking action? 

At The Pharmacy Mentor I help community pharmacists develop the skills, knowledge and confidence to pursue a professionally rewarding career path. Whether you're looking for a more clinically focused career in hospital, consulting, or something else entirely. 

Perhaps you’re searching for that “something else” that will provide greater flexibility, opportunities and career satisfaction.  

If you’re ready to discover your purpose and potential to be more, and earn more as a pharmacist, then you are in the right place. 

Welcome. I can't wait to meet you! 


Hi, I'm Janelle

I help Australian Pharmacists build their knowledge and confidence to take the next step, and find career progression beyond the dispensary and retail setting. 

I have more than a decade of experience as a pharmacist, working across community and hospital settings, and as a HMR pharmacist.

For the last 3 years I  worked as an outreach hospital pharmacist in the remote Torres Strait islands, where travelling to work via boat, helicopter or small plane was a standard day! 

I now work from home part-time writing policies, and clinical education resources, and  in my Pharmacy Mentor business. The rest of the time I’m being a SAHM, running after my two girls, aged 4 and 8 (my mini-me's)    


What’s stopping you from taking the next step in your career? 


Chances are, you have some doubts about your ability to become a clinical pharmacist? Stepping outside the comfort zone of community pharmacy can be intimidating and scary. It certainly was for me.

Perhaps you are just waiting for the right time. Waiting until you learn more, or re-do your resume, or for your baby to get older?

If you want more from your career than community pharmacy alone can offer, then the opportunity is now. The right time is now.

That desire to move forward is something you cannot ignore.

Let's get started!

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Something to think about..

If you're between the age of 25 to 30 yrs, you have around 40 years of work ahead of you. Scary stuff. (early retirement dreams anyone?) Yes, change takes time and effort. But you can deeply enjoy your career. Your future pharmacist self will thank you. 
Let me show you how.

Could Hospital Pharmacy be your thing? 

Who me? (*looks behind*) Yes you

Hospital pharmacy is a place where you can continue to develop your clinical skills and finally grow in your learning, and in your bank balance - aka - career progression. And while I can’t predict the future (if only!), I’ll hedge my bets that the coffee will be hot, and your trips to the bathroom will be guilt-free. Even sitting down for lunch won’t seem like a fantasy.




The Community Pharmacist's Complete Guide to Entering Hospital Pharmacy 

“I think your e-book was fantastic!,I enjoy your style and the layout of the book, feels like it is taking me on a journey” 

“Janelle’s book is incredible, I have binge read it all! The thing that was very helpful to me was the practical approach to answering selection criteria.”

"What I've loved about the e-book is the section on rewording community skills to make them relevant to a hospital setting (the feedback I got from my hospital applications was that they were great for community, but not relevant enough for hospital - definitely challenging when you've only had community experience!)”

“Your book is definitely coolness to my eyes. I learnt some of your points the hard way and wish wish with all my heart I had this book earlier! I love that you've focused a significant amount on the mindset of applying for hospital and that you acknowledge the turmoil that comes with applying.”

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