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Hi, I'm Janelle

I’m an Australian pharmacist, living and working in beautiful, sunny North Queensland.

It’s the same place I grew up and started my first job in pharmacy as a junior assistant when I was 14. 

Today I have a passion for pharmacy and the variety of career opportunities it presents, but it wasn't always that way. 

Throughout my career I have met pharmacists who didn’t know what they were truly capable of.

They didn’t realise their value as a healthcare professional.

They felt stuck and uncertain how they would progress their careers.

(Yep, I’m talking about me here)

But I changed my approach and started taking action, and I want to help you do the same. 

Over more than a decade I have

  • Worked in community pharmacy in a variety of roles
  • Ran a consistent HMR consulting business
  • Locumed while roadtripping around the country with an 18 month old in tow!
  • Completed post-graduate qualifications in both nutrition and health professional education
  • Successfully transitioned into hospital pharmacy, which took me to the remote Torres Strait Islands for several years. A career highlight so far!
  • Built my online business The Pharmacy Mentor , alongside growing an amazing Facebook community of Australian pharmacists,  and have written a book:  The Community Pharmacist's Complete Guide to Entering Hospital Pharmacy 

My friends would say..

That I’m curious and I’m a dreamer, full of ideas. I talk (a lot). I’m easy going and generous with my time and energy, although my FOMO has shifted over the years, and I try to prioritise what truly makes me happy:

Family time, days at the beach, oat milk flat whites, and a crisp sav blanc on a summer day..  so good!

The lack of clear career pathways and recognition by our profession didn’t stop me from choosing to want more from my career than 4 walls and fluorescent lights could offer.

I very soon realised that no-one was coming to progress my career for me. I was going to have to do it myself. But navigating these so-called pathways was anything but linear. I had to step outside my comfort zone, again and again. 

Here's a brief timeline


You don’t have to figure it out alone

The Pharmacy Mentor provides support, education and resources for Australian  pharmacists who want to build a career on their own terms

A career that goes beyond the dispensary

A career that is truly purposeful and rewarding!


The formal stuff


Graduate Certificate in Health Professional Education            

2021. James Cook University   

Manage the delivery of administration of injections and immunisations  

2017. Pharmaceutical Society of Australia

Graduate Certificate in Human Nutrition     2016. Deakin University

Accreditation for the delivery of Medication Management Reviews      

2013. Australian Association of Consultant Pharmacy  (AACP)

Bachelor of Pharmacy    

2009. James Cook University