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A Pharmacy CPD plan with a Purpose

professional development Sep 21, 2021

Are you wondering how on earth it got to be September already? 

Every year I tell myself I’ll be more organised in documenting my CPD. So when the time comes, all I have to do is tick a box, print a list and I’m done! 

 Unfortunately, I’m one of those people who work better under pressure. Or maybe that’s just something I tell myself, to avoid that awful word... procrastination.

Honestly though, it’s definitely gotten better. I have a study calendar that I map things out on. I have a desk space. A pretty plant by the window. Lots of nice pens and highlighters. And a new MacBook, because sometimes you just need to buy something to feel productive. A visit to Officeworks definitely does something for me. 

Recently I was talking about post-graduate study. Now, there is absolutely no requirement for you to commit to something that big. But one thing I know is, actions speak louder than words. If you want to be a pharmacist that knows their stuff, then you have to put in some work. 

 As a pharmacist, you are likely exploring the next steps in your career. Unlike other health disciplines, our career pathways aren’t so clearly defined. This can be seen as a negative for sure. But it can also be seen as a positive. 

You can work with this to create your own pathway. You can work across different industries eg. community, HMRs, GP, teaching or tutoring, hospital, aged care, government organisations (e.g TGA). There really are so many options. It is no longer limited to just community, hospital and industry. Pharmacists can, and should, work wherever medicines are. 

But this requires taking some action in the direction that interests you. Developing a strategy around your CPD plan is a great first step. Your plan should be relevant to your current work environment, but should also take you towards your destination.  This kind of action creates opportunities. Trust me!

I started out this week, thinking that I would blog about some last-minute CPD resources. But I realised that while it may tick a box, doing this probably won’t provide any lasting value. In my experience, the last-minute CPD rush is often a case of finding some quick and easy CPD and just getting those points down.   

 So maybe it’s time to look forward to the next CPD year with purpose and intention instead!


Ps. If you do need that last minute CPD after all, watch this webinar on the new asthma guidelines, explore the NPS MedicineWise courses, or get started on this anticoagulant training package.