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The Best Apps for the Busy Pharmacist

pharmacist resources Sep 28, 2021

In 2012, I got an iPad for Christmas. It was on my wishlist, even though it was a bit extravagant at the time. We had a newish mortgage, wedding bills, and well... I definitely didn’t get paid enough then. Either way, I must have been a good girl that year, because under the Christmas tree it was. 

The next week I was completely obsessed. I devoted myself to the search for pretty apps that I could download. Apps that would magically make me more productive and organised.

Unfortunately, I didn’t become more productive or organised. In fact, I rarely used any of the apps I downloaded. I just didn’t know how to fit this new technology into my life. 

Things have come a long way since the old unbreakable Nokia 3315.  I loved that phone! (anyone else?) I can still remember my initial fear and hesitation of the iPhone. Now, sadly, my life wouldn’t be complete without it, and all the nifty apps that adorn my screen.  

These days I use apps a-lot. So I gathered up a list of the best apps or tools for the busy pharmacist.It is my gift to you. Thanks to my Pharma Mentors FB community for some of the great suggestions too! 





I love the grammarly app! I only have the free version. But even that is amazing! It corrects my typos (when I listen to it) and makes sure my grammar is on point. It suggests improved sentence structure too. I highly recommend it, especially if you do any kind of writing. It’s also a great option if English is not your first language.


Google docs

I can't believe it took me so long to get on board with Google docs. I have a Mac and was finding the transition a bit difficult when I couldn’t open word documents in the correct format. I love that I can access my Google docs wherever and whenever I need to. I use it for my uni work so I can access it wherever I am. I also use it for my CV and Selection criteria reviews, as I can quickly share the document with a link. Plus if I’m working with others on a document and they make suggestions or edits, I can see them and respond in real-time. 



This app lets you create the most amazing things! There are templates for everything. I use it for social media posts, PowerPoint slides, resume templates, and sending quick and pretty digital invitations. I even used it to design my e-book! You can get a free membership too. Mostly I use it on my laptop because it is easier to drag and drop. But there is a phone app too.


Podcast app

I rarely have time for TV anymore. Podcasts are my “treat” time. I listen when I’m travelling on outreach trips, while washing the dishes or folding the washing. I listen to a mix of pharmacy and medical-related podcasts, as well as business and marketing podcasts and a few things in between. Some of my favourite pharmacy podcasts are:

The Purple Pen Podcast, The AJP Podcast, Dr Matt and Dr Mike’s Medical Podcast, and the Australian Prescriber Podcast. 



Clinical apps

CKD - Go!

Decision support tools, includes all the content from the latest CKD Management in Primary Care 4th edition, Kidney Health Australia, 2020. 


Supports the clinical knowledge of health professionals who prescribe palliative care medicines or care for people at their end of life. Also provides a conversion tool to switch a palliative care patient’s current opioids (including those with multiple routes of administration) to a replacement opioid delivered via a subcutaneous route.

Opioid calc 

A tool for the calculation of total oral Morphine Equivalent Daily Dose (oMEDD)

Lab tests online 

Information on hundreds of laboratory tests, cross-linked to the diseases and conditions they are used to screen for, diagnose and treat

MD Calc 

The leading medical reference for the most relevant, up-to-date and widely-used clinical calculators that support evidence-based patient care 


Productivity apps

 Ausmed CPD app 

Document all of your CPD for free, including inservice, conferences/seminars, online learning or any other type of CPD. A quick and easy-to-use app made for health professionals! You must have an Ausmed account (note that a full account is provided if you are a member of the Professional Pharmacists Australia. Otherwise you can create a free account for the app)


Communication and collaboration tool for teams

Microsoft teams

Communication and collaboration tool for teams (this is our go-to at work)


Boards, cards and checklists - a visual tool for organising your work


Write, captures and collect ideas as searchable notes, and to-do lists. You can clip articles and web pages to read or use later and scan documents, handwritten notes etc using your phone camera. 


An invoicing app that is useful for locums and accredited pharmacists. Create quick invoices and accept payments in the app.  


For patient care

CALD assist 

To assist communication with patients from non-English Speaking Backgrounds


A speech to text application for hearing impaired patients


Chronic condition management tool

NPS MedicineWise app 

Medication management app for patients


For CMIs and PIs


I hope you found this list helpful. If you know of any other great apps to add to this list, be sure to let me know.